Social media is most likely a part of your everyday marketing strategy. Looking for a boost? Here are 6 ways to increase your social media engagement and activity.

Optimize Your Account Bios:
All social media platforms have a section that allows for a short description or a bio. These sections can easily be overlooked or forgotten when it comes to applying strategy. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when if comes to bios:

  • Keep the information and links updated. Events are usually on an annual schedule which means old links and descriptions can get overlooked or forgotten. Be sure to update your bio links and content to stay relevant to your events.
  • Make sure your information is public. When creating descriptions, there is a possibility that that the information that you are putting in is on private mode. If you make your bios and descriptions public, Google will count them towards SEO.

Add Call to Action to Social Images:
Social images are everywhere and it’s a been discovered that images perform better than standard copy. And now there is a way for images to do even better. Instead of posting inspirational images, add text to the images with a call to action. This is going to prompt your audience to engage.

Encourage Employees:
An easy way to boost your social media is by engaging your co-workers and staff. Encourage your team to like or follow your brand’s social pages and to engage with the content you are posting. This simple gesture can increase awareness and engagement immediately.

Use Influencer Outreach:
Currently, the word “influencer” Is a buzzword and for good reason. Adding an influencer strategy to your marketing can give the boost that you were looking for. Take time to research your industry and identify individuals that would be considered influential. If they are igniting content and producing engagement, they are worth embracing. (Learn more about discovering influencers here.)

Create Relevant Video Content:
We all know that videos can be viral because we watch them every day. But what is the exact formula for doing this? I can’t answer that, but there is a way to ensure that your video content is effective. Keep your content relevant and quickly. A few ways to keep content relevant is by:

  • Following trending topics
  • Creating content around current events
  • Find your niche

These ways may not guarantee a viral result, but they will increase your video engagement.

Target Content:
Social platforms such as Facebook now allow for you to target content. This feature shouldn’t be ignored. When creating content, start to use this feature and target specific audiences you are trying to reach. You can reach people by age, sex, and even through topics. By targeting posts, you will be able to craft language that will increase engagement.

There are just a few of many quick tips to boost your social media. To find out more and view the original blog that inspired this post, CLICK HERE.