Ready, aim, fire! Are you using Facebook Ads? How are your ads doing? Facebook ads is a great tool for events and brand to use to increase awareness, gain leads, and drive more engagement. If you are not using ads, you should and if you are already actively using ads you may be missing out. These 5 tips will help you become a Facebook Ad expert in just a few steps.

Tap Into Purchasing Behavior: Instead of dealing with a CRM system, you can get a view into purchasing behavior through Facebook. This is through subcategories like: buyer profiles, Food & Drink, Beauty & Health, etc.

Get Creative With Life Events: Facebook is a great tool to observe what is happening in peoples lives. Through Facebook you can take advantage of this information. You can target people who are newly engaged or started a new job. These are just a few of the options that you can choose from.

Nurture Leads And Build Loyalty: Connect with your existing contacts. You can easily do this through your email list. How? Facebook has a feature that allows you to make a custom audience by uploading your current email list to Facebook. This list will then be matched with existing Facebook users. This is a direct way you can reach and nurture your existing audience.

Get Granular With Targeting: Facebook allows you to hypertarget and narrow your search down to the point where an individual can be targeted. This happens by adding layered targets to your ads. For example, there is a new coffee shop in the area and they are looking to promote the new shop. You can target by location, age and by interests. The more specific you can get the more effective your ad will be.

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