Social media and mobile apps are the main way we are communicating these days. We read the news, connect with friends and watch what others are doing with their lives in our newsfeeds. Is there a massive shift starting to happen that we aren’t even aware of? Marketing expert Mark Schaefer has been identifying new trends in this shift. Here’s what he had to say:

“And here is the quote from my young nephew:

“Oh Facebook is dead. My friend posted on Facebook and we made fun of him. We only use Snapchat now because who wants to put everything in public all the time? This just connects me with my real friends.”

Of course you can’t pin a trend to the comment of one person but he helped articulate the idea I had been pondering: A seismic shift in how people connect to each other. People are more interested in actually communicating, instead of broadcasting. We don’t want personal and private lives merging any more and we want control over our different social circles within these messaging apps.”

So what does this mean for events?

Most events are starting to take ownership over social and implement strategies into their communications. This new shift in how people connect will effect the way events are amplified. Are people going to amplify events privately? Yes, they will. So how can events start to engage this shift in communication?

  • Get on these private platforms: Unless you are learning and using these private messaging platforms, you will not know how to specifically engage your audience.
  • Adapt: Start to adapt your communications to fit into these private platforms. For example: SnapChat. Create a SnapChat filter for your event. Doing this will provide a way for attendees to amplify your brand in their snaps.
  • Shift your language: We have gotten so used “broadcasting” our messages using a voice that addresses a group. Although your event is bringing thousands together, it is time to start shifting your language to engage the individual.

This major shift is already happening with millennials and in the next year, it will expand its reach on a multigenerational level. We will see private conversations and interactions dominate how we communicate.

Do you agree that their is a major shift coming? Is your event prepared for this shift?