Are you on Instagram? Does your event have an Instagram account? If so, we all know that it has been quite frustrating. Why? From a business perspective there have been barriers that have limited the use of Instagram for marketing. There is no easy way to track analytics, posts have to be done in real time vs scheduled and before there wasn’t an easy way to switch accounts through the app. For someone who runs social for a business or event, these things are quite frustrating!

GUESS WHAT!? Instagram announced earlier this month that they are now creating Instagram for Business. What does this mean exactly? Instagram will be releasing functions to the app specifically for businesses. Here are a few of the functions that will be available:

Contact button: As a business you will now have the ability to add a contact button to your profile. You can choose form adding a call, text of email button. In addition to this button, if you tap on the contact button there is also the ability to provide directions to the business.

Unlock insights: You will now have the opportunity to get insights and analytics. Analyze audience demographics and behavior all through the app. These insights will play a big role in how companies use Instagram advertising. Also, if a post is doing well, you will be able to turn it into an ad to make it go further.

Although these functions may seem minor to the common user, they are big changes for businesses and events. These functions will roll out in the next few months starting in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. It’s expected to be globally released by the end of 2016.

What does this mean for events? Events will now have the opportunity to track their audience. Who is at the event? Who are our advocates? Who is following us? These are questions that we have not been able to answer. As an event, a brand or a company, pay attention to Instagram in these next few months to be one of the first to use Instagram for Business!

Read Instagram’s Announcement HERE.