“Things.” All events have them. They always present because the secret message of “we’ve always don it this way” lurks around every corner. What are the “things” that I talk about? These are things don’t need anymore at events:

Paper Badges: Yes…Name tags, paper badges, stickers…they all have to go. As neat as it was to see your @TwitterHandle on your name badge, this is a “thing” that your event should get rid of. Today, there are new technologies such as smart badges that allow for you to track data and even purchase merchandise real time at events. It’s a quicker and more effective way to understand your attendees buying behavior.

Show Guides: As much as you love your notebooks and show guides, its time to start saving some trees. Today, more and more events are adopting the strategy to develop and event app that is dedicated to providing crucial information to attendees such as the schedule, maps, speakers and more.

Feedback Forms: If you are passing out paper feedback forms…stop! What a mess. There are so many ways that you can gather feedback from attendees that are free so you can escape the headache. Some options include Survey Monkey or even Google forms. These are easy digital solutions that capture survey data right away.

Ring Binders Full of Paper: Guilty again? Its ok, we forgive you. There are endless cloud based project planner tools that allow you to access information right on your phone. A few that we have used before are Google Drive and Dropbox. Easy, cheap and simple.

Cash: Money, Money…Money! Think about how you travel. What is in your wallet? You have your ID, Credit cards, maybe a business card and some receipts. What’s missing? Cash! Now a days it is very rare for people to carry cash when they are traveling. Before you plan a cash only bar or merchandise center, rethink your strategy because you may be missing out on revenue opportunities.

Being Serious: Events used to be strictly business. You would get up, put on your suite and tie and shake a few hands. Times have changed and our culture is begging for events to be more “human”. Add some elements of fun that surprise and delight your attendees making it a memorable experience.

There is a long list of “things” that events don’t need anymore, especially things that can save thousands of trees. What “things” would you add to the list?