We are only months away from one of the biggest events of the year: The Preseidential Election. The election has been the main focus in the US and around the world for many reasons and it has taken social by storm. Anytime you sign into Facebook, Twitter, or any social platform, you see an array of political posts. Whether you align with the right of the left, there are 3 things your brand needs to know when engaging with the election on social media.

Remember, you are not anonymous, neither are your employees.

Social media is not annonomyous. It’s the opposite and that is something that your brand and your employees need to be reminded of. Whether you are liking on Facebook or retweetning on Twitter, these activities do not go unnoticed by your audience. Why does this matter? It matters because your employees represent your brand and your brand’s social activity directly reflects the company’s values. It doesn’t matter if you align with the right of the left, but it does matter that you remember that your social activity isn’t anonymous.

Try to stay neutral.

If you decide to engage with political content during the election, we suggest trying to stay neutral. Why? The reason is simple…your audience. Your audience is made up of a variety of people. Different sexes, races religious views and political views. So, before you post anything political, remember your auidnece and that each and every one of them is different.

If you post, expect comments.

One of the main reasons we post on social media is because we want reactions. Each month we measure engagement and see how successful we have been gaining comments, likes, etc. If your team decides to share or post political content, don’t be surprised to see your engagement rise. People have opinions and WILL engage with your political posts. Some comments with align with you and others may not and that is ok. We suggest to allow people to comment and to take the good, the bad, but not the ugly.

Like we said, the Presedential Election is the biggest event of 2016. Social media will be flowing with articles and opinions. Whether your brand or your employees choose to engage or not, keep these three things in mind.