Have you ever had a question about something and gone to Google for answers? For instance, take the question: What are the best Event Marketing Strategies? What kind of content appears?

The results end up being full of ‘how to’s” and endless top 10 lists. Why is that? This is called evergreen content. It is content that people are always looking for. It doesn’t depend on current events or relevant trending topics because the content created is something that people will always need. We see this content everyday. Its practical, smart and should be applied to your event marketing strategy.

If your event is already leveraging evergreen content, high five! But if you aren’t, you should start right away. Here are 3 reasons why your should be creating evergreen content:

SEO: Its s term we hate to hear but know we have to embrace. Creating evergreen content is just another way to help boost the SEO of your site. Through creating this kind of content, you can leverage unsaturated key words and phrases that will help you to get noticed more via Google results.

Stay Relevant: Although evergreen content is not built specifically to be relevant to trending topics, it is built to keep you relevant for en extended period of time. When creating evergreen content, brainstorm topics that people would ask questions about. For instance, if you are a leadership conference, here are a few evergreen topic ideas:

    • How to handle conflict with a co-worker
    • Top 5 strengths of the best leaders
    • 3 ways to start your day off right

These topics focus on what people (your audience) deal with on a day-to-day basis. Start here and your will have never-ending content ideas.

VOA: Evergreen content is a great way to increase your VOA (Voice of Authority). As humans, we generally have trust issues. We are in a state of content shock so building trust is a must. You build trust through being a voice of authority. By consistently creating evergreen content, you are elevating your brand as experts. Let’s use the leadership example again. If you are telling people how to be a leader and what steps they need to take to grow, you are telling people that they should trust you. Evergreen content is a great way to build this trust and in return, increase your voice of authority.

As an event, evergreen content is extremely important and should be an easy way to keep your audience’s attention year round.

Can you think of other reasons why evergreen content is important for events? If so, share your ideas in the comment section!