As you may have noticed, Instagram made a big change yesterday by adding Instagram Stories. This feature competes with one of the most popular apps Snapchat. The update that Instagram made has created an uproar leaving us with the question: Will Snapchat survive?

Let’s start by comparing the two.



These are just a few basic facts, and it shows that although they are different apps, they are pretty similar.

My perspective is simple: Snapchat will survive, for now. Snapchat is still growing and it has a dedicated following. There will be some who refuse to switch over to Instagram Stories because they are hooked to Snapchat.

Then there’s Instagram and I think they have a unique advantage. Why? Since has Instagram added Stories to their features, they are going to attract a group of people who refused to get onto Snapchat. (You know who these people are!) This audience includes Facebook users and the current Instagram audience who tends to be a little holder than Snapchat users.

Another point to think about is reputation. Instagram has a respected reputation. Why would I say that? Well it starts with Snapchat. When Snapchat started, it was seen as a “sexting” tool. It was inappropriate and it was a tool that led to kids getting in trouble. Because of this, a large group of individual refused to create a Snapchat account. I believe that Snapchat’s early reputation created a positive reputation for Instagram.

Do I think this will kill Snapchat? No, but it is something that Snapchat should be concerned about. Instagram Stories are so new that it is hard to tell what will happen, but it is something to think about.

What is your opinion? Will Snapchat survive?